Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The year is waking up

It seems that the weather is finally getting better and we're getting the odd bout of Sun. I wanted to go into work to get some overtime done without the constant attention my co-workers require. As usual I decided to take a walk to work rather than drive as it's only a half hour walk and it's through some gardens and then the town centre.

The Sun was out, the tennis courts were full, and as I approached the town square there was a crowd gathered and I could hear something musical, and making my way to the crowd there was a beat-boxer busking with a mic and portable amplifier. He was really good so I stood there and listened to him do his stuff. He used a loop machine as well and to better effect than anyone I'd ever seen; some of his stuff was quite incredible. The crowd ebbed and flowed but I remained until the end and as the crowd dissipated I went over to talk to him, and it was strange, like he was expecting me. The second the music stopped he looked right at me and watched as I made my way toward him. I dropped some coins into his hat and complimented him on his performance. It turns out he was MC Xander and I asked him if he knew Dub FX. He smiled and said he did and that they were friends. It's amazing how you can talk to some random person in the country and based on their musical interests ask if they know someone else and they do. It really is a small world. I asked what festivals he did and chatted for a brief while but I felt a bit awkward and I never know if people want to talk, or if he just wanted to get his stuff packed up so he could leave. So I left him to it and pressed on.

I popped into a bakery for some food then sat in another nearby park on a bench with the Sun in my face and ate my food and watched the world drift by. I didn't really want to leave, but work was waiting for me.

I cant wait for Summer to fully start when there'll always be something on, always someone busking or performing, always a local festival to drop in on and have a few beers, and the bars overlooking the beach for when there aren't.

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