Sunday, 8 March 2009

I need another DVD player

Purely by chance I have 3 DVD players but only one I really use, and it's in my living room and surrounds me in widescreen 5.1 goodness. As time has gone on it has got more and more picky when it comes to playing DVDs and it usually takes quite a few goes before it will accept that there is a playable DVD in the tray. I know there is nothing wrong with the DVDs as they work in my other two players instantly but I'm now approaching about 50 eject/retry attempts before a DVD is played and I have now reached the stage when I've given up. I have three DVDs queued to play and my player just isn't having it :(

Movies are quite an important part of my life so tomorrow at lunch I will try and track down a similar performing DVD player with built-in 5.1 to replace my increasingly faulty one. Until then I guess I'll just have to watch a movie on another DVD player attached to a rubbish TV, in my bedroom and with no 5.1.

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