Friday, 20 March 2009

Decay on display

There are people at work I quite like, people I am indifferent to, and people I can't stand. Sometimes I even actually hate them. Unsurprisingly the people I don't like are not liked by anyone else at work either. We always enjoy time away from them so we can slag them off to quite stunning degrees. When such people try and socialise with me, be it going to lunch or having a coffee together, I just shut them down and make excuses. I can't stand people who are nothing but a drain on my life.

When they organise a social event though…everyone from work is attending!? How and why would they do that? They slag someone off and go on about how much they can't stand them, then they're having a drink with them 15 hours later? What total hypocrites!

One thing I have noticed neuro-typical people do when they are criticising someone for something not relating to personality, they always add a tenet after a few verbal batterings…"don't get me wrong…he's a great guy…but…" and the onslaught continues. I always thought people said this to make out that they're not just filled with vitriol, and that their attacks are factually based and nothing personal. Almost as if not liking someone is a crime. Maybe this isn't a ploy after all? Maybe people genuinely can hate everything someone does, but still like them as a person?

Maybe other people can, but I sure can't.


Beastinblack said...

I tell you something that is exactly what I dont understand either.

Either like someone or you dont! The most I can do is try to tolerate them, but others at work act like their best mate in person... It does my head in bigtime. Office politics also go right over my head. Why cant we just go to work, work bloody hard for 8 hours then go home?!

AS-4-L said...

"Why cant we just go to work, work bloody hard for 8 hours then go home?!"

It's called the internet! You go to work to surf for 6 hours then do 2 hours work :)