Monday, 30 March 2009

Sink or Swim

While at the pub last night I was people watching and the music was loud and I think it was loud to try and drown out the sound of people talking. Looking around the room there were over 100 people, all constantly talking to each other. The whole room was in constant chatter.

Walking around town today it was the same…people in a constant state of communication. It struck me how people are like social sharks. It's almost as if people stopped communicating with each other, even for a minute, they'd die. Peace and quiet would stagnate in their social gills depriving their brain of much needed gossip and small-talk, eventually leading to a complete shutting down of the body as blood and oxygen simply isn't enough to sustain them.

Like a blind man wonders what "green" is I'd be lying if I said I didn't wonder what it must be like for these people. Normal people. I wonder what pleasures they get from communication, I wonder how talking to people makes them feel. Although it's nothing I'll ever know so I try to not waste too much time pondering.


Beastinblack said...

Sounds like my idea of hell! With me and my one and only friend (who has to do things on his own terms as well) there are plenty of silences, but we fill those in by just making strange childish noises, or just constantly repeat random quotes from our favourite movies...suits us fine! But anyone else would just run a mile. I mean whats wrong with sitting there next to someone enjoying and savouring a good pint of ale?! words are not needed!

Aspie Bird said...

Nice blog! I often wonder about the things I might have missed due to the loss of communication experience, but whenever I do so I can lively imagine my sensory overload when I have to take part in all those communications. That makes me feel ok by the just watching the talking crowd part.