Monday, 9 March 2009

Strange Anxiety

Due to recent car troubles my usual routine has been pretty much out of the window. With no real transport I haven't been going to the gym or the supermarket. I've been living day to day really, shopping at small local shops, and doing loads of overtime at work because there is nothing else for me to be doing.

Now that my car is fixed it is time to get back on track and I've been feeling anxious all day. It seems that any change is enough to set me off, even when I know it's actually a positive change, a change for the good. To get through the anxiety I'm trying to focus on the feeling I know I'll have later on when I've done all of my usual Monday night things…I know it'll be a great feeling, a relaxing and soothing feeling. I know that tomorrow I'll be happier at work also. So that's what I'm trying to think about rather than the anxiety.

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