Monday, 24 November 2008

You only get one life

When I used to watch documentaries about people with disfigured faces, 3 legs, no arms, too much hair, allergic to the Sun etc…I would think how horrible it must be; imagine living such that you'll never know normal life. Your ailment is controlling your entire being and you'll never know what it's like to be normal. You only have one life, and yours is fucked. You must feel robbed and cheated. Bitter.

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Anonymous said...

You only get one life, true. I won't debate my beliefs, because that's a controversial discussion. It would be nice to live again and CHOOSE everything about it; what you'll look like, your intelligence, your parents, your environment, your choices, how old you'll live, who you'll marry, how happy you'll be, how many children you'll have and they are all born healthy with no mental or physical handicaps and no tragedies along the way (i.e. fatal accident like drowning or getting struck by a car on the road), never anything bad happening like spouse dying, children getting hurt, becoming unable to support family, spouse having an affair or doing something profoundly against your wishes or anything that would keep you from smiling and feeling good. All you want is a life without too much trouble, but the law of nature says that is unrealistic. You live life and the simplest of choices can have severe consequences.