Tuesday, 7 October 2008

We've gone on holiday by mistake

I've had a trip sprung on me, and with quite short notice. It involves planes, booking flights, arranging transport, time off work etc etc. Having Asperger Syndrome (AS) this is not good. I'm bad enough when I have a lot of notice, but having to organise these things at short notice is a nightmare - I'm such a procrastinator. Sometimes you just have to get your head down and do things as they need done. So I have managed to arrange everything I need to arrange but I'm still feeling anxious and nervous. I strongly suspect something will go wrong as something always does when I travel.

There was the time I turned up at the airport without a passport. It was an internal flight so naive me didn't think I'd need one. Damn you Al-Qaeda! Then I missed my flight home the time after that costing about £180 to re-arrange on another flight, not to mention having to extend my holiday by a day, stressful on its own.

Still, at least it will be over with soon.

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