Saturday, 28 November 2009

Though it all looks different now, I know it's still the same

I live in a town big enough to have a lot of bars and clubs, but not big enough to have bars and clubs that cater to any niche groups. There was one that suited me but it closed down. Now the bars and clubs are only for the middle of the road people. They all play the same dance music and admit all the same people all dressed the same.

They come and go, these pubs. Some are really busy and are seen as "hot" nightspots, but some are dead. When the old pubs die they don't die a Christian death…they are reincarnated instead. They shut down and open up two weeks later but with a new lick of paint, some new furniture and a new trendy name. They're still the same pub though…same location, same drinks, same music…the only difference is that now they are full to bursting with people. So full that the queue just to get in passes three pubs in itself. In a few months the novelty has gone, the queues have gone and the pub goes through its next reincarnation.

It seems that while us with Asperger's Syndrome like things to be the same…NT's like things just because they have changed.

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Beastinblack said...

most people are satisfied by sh8t anyway, I have been turned away from my local because of mindless karaoke nights and crappy blink 182 style cover bands playing the same crap every week!