Monday, 8 September 2008

This island of ours

This weekend I spent a long time in a car, about 8 hours return journey. Not the longest journey I've ever embarked on but tiring nonetheless. I'm not part of the "Tom Tom" generation yet and my phone doesn't have GPS either. There's an atlas in the passenger foot well but even that is just for emergencies. One thing I love about this country is that I could drive from Plymouth to Fort William, Glasgow or Dundee and never even have to look at an atlas. I can get in my car and 12 hours later just be there.

The feeling of freedom in being able to travel such great distances with no assistance is a great example of how technology binds us instead of setting us free.


Anonymous said...

try riding a motorbike, its even better

AS-4-L said...

My car gets to 60 in under 5 seconds, sticks to the road like sh1t on a blanket, is air conditioned, protected from the elements, has a kick-ass stereo and a cup holder. I think I'll pass on the bike thing :)

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, but my bike does 0-60 in 3.5! Has a kick-ass stereo too(Parallel twin engine!) ultimate freedom. Sticks to the road pretty well with its Avon tyres. Man and machine intimacy at its most intense.

Must admit though I just hate cars, they get in the way and clog up the road, a bit like people in supermarket! Forgive me if you disagree, I just cant see other points of view when they different to mine!