Friday, 5 September 2008

People who have been annoying me recently

People in supermarkets who read the newspaper at the top of the stack without moving it anywhere…they just turn the pages and read it with seemingly no thought for the fact that they are stopping others who want a paper from taking one from the pile. They usually turn the pages over a second stack of papers too. How broke are you? Just buy the thing.

People (women) who queue for the ATM then get there and don't have anything prepared. They need to rummage through their bags to find their cards, then they get a statement, then money, then have to secure everything up again before they leave.

People (women) who queue in a shop and when they get to the counter, again….nothing ready (see ATM comment above)

People who come out of a shop doorway onto the street then just stop dead with no regard for others who may also be trying to leave the shop and actually go somewhere.

People who come off an escalator and don't leave the area but hang around wondering where to go, again completely ignorant of others also trying to get off the escalator.

People walking down the street with umbrellas at head and neck height, totally uncaring for anyone who might lose an eye.

People walking down the street with no agenda at all. I'd love to have nothing to do and nowhere to go and be able to wander and amble at 1mph, moving my body into any gap in the crowd to stop anyone passing me, and occasionally stopping dead or just changing direction with no regard for the people whose way I'm getting in.

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Brenda said...

I'm with you on all those things.