Saturday, 1 December 2012

What's good for the goosestepper...

I was reading the following article on the BBC's website about Hitler's personality

and a few things caught my eye. His avoidance of small talk, his annoying voice, his general social inadequacy. Normally when people mention these things about the famous dead, they are quick to follow up that the person must have had Asperger's Syndrome (AS). I didn't read that in this article though, and now I come to think of it I've never seen Hitler's name on any of those internet lists about all the great people who "must have had" AS. After all, it's such a gift, such a wonderful thing that makes you an exemplary human being...right? ;)

Hitler does feature on the Wikipedia article about famous people posthumously diagnosed, but I see he has a special note that indicates people disagree and think there isn't enough evidence for a diagnosis. Yet we know more about him than many other distance historical figures as he has only just passed from living memory.


Daniel Defoe said...

I fear we are entering an era where fear of and persecution of people with development disorders may become the new normal.

When sources like Wikipedia claim Hitler had Asperger Syndrome, this does not help the cause of understanding development disorders.

You wrote this post before the mass shooting in Newtown, but some media sources are reporting Adam Lanza may have had or did have Asperger Syndrome and he has become the poster child for the NRA types.

I really did enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the good work. Now more than ever the public has to informed that Asperger Syndrome is not a crime.

AS-4-L said...

I am going to post about the Newtown shooting, so keep your eyes peeled :)