Sunday, 12 September 2010

Clue to getting a good night's sleep discovered

The following article was on the BBC's website;

A process in the brain plays a key role in blocking out sound during sleep, they say, and it appears to be more effective in certain individuals.

I'm wondering if this is the root of the issue of insomnia in people with Asperger's. One common symptom is the inability of the autistic brain to filter out unwanted noise and unwanted stimulus. If the key to a good night's sleep is how well your brain can filter out sound during sleep, and our brains have problems filtering out sound during the day, then is there a correlation here?

The article mentions that it might be possible to enhance the functioning of this process through medication so maybe a new brand of sleeping pills might be available soon? Further more, maybe this new form of medication will help autistic people during the normal day as well as an aid to sleep? Maybe it will help give us more focus, especially in noisy environments?

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Stephanie said...

You raise some interesting questions. It seems like something worth watching for.

Perhaps something else, like a set of earplugs that would stay in during sleep and yet be comfortable, would be an effective solution.