Monday, 8 February 2010

Big spaces and small spaces

After my initial introduction to my new company I have been moved into the general population…namely the main open-plan office. I know many people with Asperger's Syndrome have problems with open-plan offices and such but I'm not that bothered by it. I'm missing the reduction in screen privacy, and I guess I am occasionally annoyed by the idiotic discussions that go on around me, both technical (someone didn't understand why when updating something using jQuery the html in view->source did not also change (sorry if you don't understand that)) and non-technical (someone telling an anecdote about someone they knew who worked at a bank and programmed the computers to siphon off spare money…I swear this actually took place, I couldn't bite my lip and had to inform him that wasn't an anecdote, it was the plot for Superman III).

Stranger than the open-plan office is the lift that I need to take each morning, and each evening. It's only a few floors but when you’re in a confined space with someone you're constantly thinking in your head "please no-one start a conversation"…but they always do. We're in there for 20 seconds or less…how can you have a conversation? Gah! This morning I had to actually go the wrong way out of the office so I didn't cut my co-converser off mid anecdote (he was telling me about his friend who got bitten by a radioactive spider). Then on the way home rather than go to the car park I had to walk half way down the road so I didn't cut off someone else mid-anecdote.


Wild Animal said...

I spent years trying to get from a shared space to my own office. Eventually I managed it and found it much less stressful. At one point I was in my own office on my own floor! Luxury.

The next job I had was open plan and I hated it. So many conversations, opportunities for interruption, distractions etc.

Currently I'm in a 3 person office but it's OK as no one says very much, but I do find I'm more productive in solitary.

Beastinblack said...

It isnt the work that I hate, it is the people I work with! the conversations can be rather petty as well. Nothing worse than people moaning over this and that. Some of the conversations really do my head in.