Saturday, 2 May 2009


Well it's taken almost two months, but my DVD is not economical to repair. It's a DVD with built-in 5.1, so what I'm going to do is buy a stand-alone 5.1 system so that I can plug any 5.1-enabled device into. For example I can use it for my xbox, and rather than get a new DVD player I'll just play DVDs on the xbox too and when Blu-Ray players come down in price I'll get one. Then all that will remain is to replace my TV with an HD one and that'll complete the xbox experience and let me watch high-def movies too.

I've been doing some research and it seems there are cables etc I need to buy to plug the xbox into the system but I expected that.


Beastinblack said...

Keep it until you have a bad day at work. It is a great feeling smashing something to bits with a hammer.

AS-4-L said...

I was thinking more along the lines of driving down the road at 100mph then just tossing it out of the car and seeing it crash.

Though the hammer idea is more intimate...